Launch and Traction Campaign

Game Frontier has a full suite of services to manage product launches and campaigns to increase awareness either at a product launch phase but also if a company is trying to increase traction of uptake of product. This includes utilising the other services listed here and also our in-house design team.

Community Development

Game Frontier staff has a track record in delivery to the international gaming community on a regular basis. This includes providing support for computer games that the community want to play on an ongoing basis. Game Frontier has created a number of communities and understands the benefits that can be achieve by Games companies that support their communities and by sponsors looking to target those communities.

Community Management

We have developed tools and process to manage online communities and have generated plans to increase the numbers and the activities in communities. The delivery of community management should be important to companies looking to achieve a long tail in product sales.
Our tools include web-based community structures, content management and also anti-cheat software to allow a level playing field for gamers.

Set and Stage Design for Exhibitions

Our work in developing successful events allows us to provide our expertise, knowledge and experience in developing stage and set designs for exhibitions where companies are trying to create a gaming and entertainment area on their stand. These services include fully 3D rendered walkthroughs and practical plans and management for build companies.

Online Advertising Placement

Game Frontier provides a service for companies and agencies looking to place online ads, banners, information, blog posts, etc that want to attract the attention of the different demographics of computer gamers across the word. Campaigns can be local, national or international and Game Frontier will monitor and provide spend versus effect reports for each level of a campaign.

Promotional Activities

Game Frontier can provide specific, bespoke services looking to utilise computer games or the computer gaming demographic – these services include generating PR and management of press, in-game advertising, branding of tournaments and leagues and many other activities to suit different budgets.

National Team Sponsorship

Game Frontier hosts a number of tournaments that give the winners an opportunity to represent their country at world finals. Sponsorship of teams can provide high profile branding, press coverage, and also opportunities for online build up, at event and post event activities from social blogs, to results to interviews, etc.

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