Game Frontier’s tournament portal has today announced the formation of the European Challenge Cup for Counter-Strike 1.6

After six successful years of running Counter-Strike 1.6 events for the United Kingdom community today announced the release of the league divisions for the forthcoming European Challenge Cup. The event which will see the winners win a selection of gaming gear from event partners ZOWIE GEAR marks the first inclusion of European Counter-Strike teams alongside the Uk gaming community.

Team will compete on our own tournament game servers which are hosted in various locations around Europe to provide the best possible gaming experience for all those taking part. All matches will be subject to our unique Skilltracker system which ranks players by points accrued during their official matches and with the added safety net of our own proprietary anti cheat system -SGLac to ensure an even playing field for all players.

further details on this event can be found on the website. host tournaments across many different gametypes in a variety of cups, leagues, ladders and tournaments both online and via LAN events. An organisation of longstanding reputation for running events in the manner players and teams want them to be run, they are also responsible for delivering the largest ever single prize in team videogaming online with the record breaking £5,000 prize given out in their Summer cup for Counter Strike Source. theSGL continues to innovate new ideas and applications into the gaming arena for teams and gamers who enter into it’s events from Europe, Middle East, North and South America.